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Lewis students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills due to our liberal arts foundation of core classes. You will be challenged to stretch your mind, question your understanding, and apply theoretical knowledge to everyday issues in the workplace and in your community. By encouraging students to think critically, to engage in conversation, and to reflect on the world around us, graduates are prepared for a lifetime of change.

The College of Humanities, Fine Arts and Communications encourages students to broaden their perspectives in the fields of communication, interactive media, entertainment technology,  visual and performing arts, and the humanities.



Create meaningful work that impacts the community. Students engage directly with community partners such as Habitat for Humanity, The Joliet Spanish Community Center, and the Aurora Fire Museum.


Develop your artistic skills and acquire a strong foundation for graduate studies, a career in the field of art, and for a life-long pursuit of art.


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Develop critical thinking, technical skills, and formal studio-based foundational skills to solve complex design problems within a creative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary environment.


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